Due to the war in Syria Million of Men, Women and Children have fled in order to have a normal life away from danger.

A terrified child clings to a rock on the shore as a group of Syrian refugees arrive on the island after travelling by inflatable raft from Turkey. The Eastern Mediterranean route from Turkey to Greece has overtaken the central Mediterranean route, from North Africa to Italy, as the primary one for arrivals by sea. From January to June this year, 68,000 people arrived in Greece, compared with 67,500 in Italy, accounting for nearly all the arrivals in the period.

Families Relief are on the ground in Greece providing many families with warm clothes and food. These are the basic essentials to stop the refugees from hyperthermia and starvation.

Country Stats

Refugees - 4800000 People
Internally Displaced 6145004 People
Urgent Assistance 2200000 People


  • Clothes

    Over 500 Refugees have been given warm clothes!

  • Food

    Over 700 Individuals have been given food!


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