Acting CEO

Born in Africa at an early age Abdool experienced poverty, poor housing and sanitation, limited education first hand.

Abdool made the hard decision to leave his home to travel to France to earn a living. Whilst he was there he experienced the same difficulties – no money, food or job – continuing his pain, poverty and suffering.

Two years later, he left France to move to the UK working as a nursing assistant in Colchester Hospital whilst attending night school to earn his GCSE’s. Remaining in this job for the next 4 years, he then moved to Doncaster to work as an Assistant Warden at Doncaster Social Services.

Abdool was given the opportunity by Doncaster Social Services as a sponsor to complete a year course on childcare at Cardiff College. After returning back to Doncaster, he stayed with the Social Services for a further year before moving once again to Sheffield Social Services working as an Assistant Manager at the Home for the Elderly.

Two years later, Abdool completed the NVQ Level 4 Management Course paving the way for an opportunity at Norfolk Park Elderly Home working as the Deputy Manager. After two years as Deputy Manager, Abdool was successful in earning the promotion to Manager of Rutlage House, Sheffield.

Three years as the Rutlage House Manager, Abdool moved to Manchester Social Services department to work as the Area Manager for Homecare Services. A further three year later, Abdool moved once again to Rotherham Social Services to work as a Manager for Senile Dementia home for the next two years.

After this tremendous struggle and journey, Abdool decided the time was right to dedicate his life to helping deprived families in which he could sympathise.

Today Abdool plays a pivotal role in the City of Sheffield working closely with council and cultural representatives.
Contact Abdool Direct at: abdoolkadir@familiesrelief.org.uk


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